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How Are SSDI And SSI Different?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are two programs offered by the Social Security Administration that offer cash benefits to those who are disabled. The key difference in the SSDI and SSI programs are the qualifications required to be approved.

SSDI Benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance is a cash benefit available to those who have physical or mental […]

How to File a Social Security Disability Benefits Appeal

The Social Security Administration gives disability claimants the option to appeal a decision if they believe that the decision is unfair. If you had a benefits claim denied, you may go ahead and request a hearing by the Social Security Administration. You can ask for a hearing in one of these ways:

You can apply online by logging onto the Social Security Administration website, […]

Witnesses at Your Disability Appeals Hearing

The Social Security Administration gives Social Security disability claimants who have had their claim denied an opportunity to appear at a hearing in which they can present their side of the case and establish a case for benefits.

The hearing is your chance to show that you are eligible for benefits and that you do not agree with the decision made in your […]

Kidney Disease and Social Security Disability Benefits

Kidneys are an essential bodily organ responsible for cleansing the blood, but when these organs don’t function properly it can lead to a wide range of health problems.

March is National Kidney Disease Awareness Month, and our Houston Social Security lawyers want to share some information about this condition and how those who suffer from it may qualify for disability benefits.

What […]

Evidence for Filing a COPD Disability Benefit Claim

COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is the term given to a blanket category of several lung diseases that includes emphysema. This is a progressive condition, and symptoms can become worse as the disease progresses. Persons suffering from COPD will have breathing problems because of obstructed airflow to the lungs.

If you want to file a Social Security COPD disability benefit claim, there […]

What to Do When a Disability Benefits Claim for TBI Is Denied

Even a moderate traumatic brain injury can leave a person struggling to perform the types of routine activities that he was used to performing before. Those can include work activities because the brain injury can impact a person’s motor and cognitive abilities. Those deficiencies can render the person unable to work, and therefore, eligible to file a claim for Social […]

Filing a Claim for Disability Benefits after Spinal Cord Injury

Devastating accidents like tractor-trailer accidents or rollover accidents may result in spinal cord injuries. In accidents in which a person is completely or partially ejected from the vehicle, there may be severe damage to the spinal cord causing a possibly long-term spinal cord injury. Other less severe types of spinal cord injury also frequently result from accidents, and these injuries and […]

Retirement, Pension & Improving Health: How Life Changes Affect SSDI Payments

Recipients of Social Security Disability benefits are often unsure how their income will be affected if their circumstances change. Find the answers to some commonly asked questions about SSDI benefits below.

I receive Social Security Disability benefits, and I just turned 67. How will that affect my payments?

Per the Social Security Administration, you are eligible to collect full retirement benefits at […]

SSDI Benefits and Traumatic Brain Injuries after an Accident

Brain injuries are some of the most devastating injuries after an accident.  They have long term consequences that can severely impair a person’s mental and cognitive abilities, ultimately affecting his ability to work and earn a living. These disabilities can leave a person unable to function at the very worst and unable to perform many tasks that would earn him a […]

Can Inheritance Affect My Disability Payments?

There are several criteria that a person who wants to apply for Social Security disability payments must meet. Those criteria are related to the person’s income-earning potential. However, they do not include his income from other sources, like inheritance.

A person who has received an inheritance is not automatically disqualified from Social Security Disability Insurance payments if he is currently receiving […]

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