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The Social Security Administration Denied My Claim. What Do I Do Next?

Across the United States, about 60% of all Social Security disability benefits claims are initially denied. Sadly, many applicants, when benefits are denied, will give up on the process. They may stop trying, file an appeal too late, or file a new claim rather than appealing. All of these options are ill-advised.

When your Social Security Disability Insurance claim is denied, the first step you need to take is calling the Houston disability denials attorneys at the Law Offices Of M. Stanley Whitehead. We can help you determine why the denial occurred and work to have it approved on appeal.

SSDI Appeals Process

The Social Security Administration has specific timelines that must be adhered to in the appeals process. When your SSDI claim is denied, you will have 60 days to appeal your claim denial. In the event that your reconsideration is also denied, you have 60 more days to appeal that denial and request a hearing with a judge.

During this process, SSDI applicants need to be prepared for the long haul. Having a Social Security disability attorney on your side fighting for your claim will give you the best chance at having it approved. Your legal team will also help you in recognizing and addressing concerns that will come up while your claim is working through the process, including:

  • Where will I live?
  • How will I pay my bills?
  • How will I get medical treatment for my illness/injury?

A Social Security disability denial is not the final word in getting the financial assistance you and your family need to survive. The Houston disability attorneys at the Law Offices Of M. Stanley Whitehead will fight relentlessly to get your claim approved. Call us today for a free consultation.