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How Can A Houston Social Security Attorney Help You Get Benefits?

Houston Social Security Attorney Help

While many disabled Americans meet the requirements to qualify for Social Security disability payments, getting approved for the benefits they are entitled to can prove to be difficult. Having an experienced Houston Social Security attorney handling your Social Security disability claim can mean the difference between approval and rejection of your claim.

You don’t need an attorney to help you through the application process, but your chances of prevailing are greatly increased with legal representation. According to a recent survey in the Houston Chronicle, two-thirds of those applying for Social Security disability benefits in Houston have their claims approved when they are represented by an attorney; the number is less than one third for those without representation.

Are You Qualified to Receive Social Security Disability Payments?

For American workers, the Social Security disability program functions like an insurance plan. There are requirements that a claimant for disability insurance must meet, including having contributed to the program (paid Social Security taxes) for a long enough period of time to be “fully insured” and made contributions to the program recently enough to have “disability insured status.”

If you’ve worked at least 10 years or for at least 6 quarters during the 13 quarters immediately before an injury or disabling condition, you might meet the qualifications for disability benefits.

A Social Security lawyer can review the facts in your case and determine if you meet the qualifications for receiving disability benefits.

Beware of Non-Attorney Representation

One thing you should beware of when filing your Social Security claim is the risk of seeking non-attorney representation. Determining eligibility for Social Security disability is a complex legal process. Filing a claim requires a vast amount of paperwork. There are forms to complete that must be 100% accurate, as well as information from your health care providers regarding your injury or disabling conditions. Missing elements of the application or filling them out incorrectly can result in a denial. A single mistake can result in a claim being dismissed.

A board certified Social Security disability lawyer like M. Stanley Whitehead has the skills and experience to successfully handle your claim every step of the way, from correctly filing a claim to arguing your case in front of a judge. An attorney can represent you in Federal Court; a non-attorney cannot.

If you ask any Social Security judge, they will tell you they prefer cases where the claimant is represented by experienced legal counsel.  An attorney submits all the proper paperwork and evidence, making it easier for the judges to do their job.

A Social Security Disability Attorney Who’s On Your Side

Also beware of firms recommended by a Social Security Disability insurance company.  Many times they are more interested in recovering money for the insurance company than for the client. You want someone on your side who’s only interested in seeing you get the compensation you deserve for your work related disabilities.

If your application has been rejected, a lawyer can develop a successful appeal strategy.

Worried about the cost? Many Social Security disability claims are handled on a contingency basis, meaning there are no up-front fees to a client and the lawyers don’t collect a fee until they win their client’s case.

Speak With a Board Certified Social Security Disability Lawyer in Houston

There’s no good reason not to have an experienced, board certified attorney represent you in your Social Security disability claim.  

If you have a disabling condition and need to file a Social Security disability claim, or you have filed a claim and it has been denied, call The Law Offices M. Stanley Whitehead at 800-562-9830 to arrange for a private, free legal case evaluation; we’ll answer all your questions, address your concerns and advise you on the best way to move forward with your Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income claim.

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