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Long Term Disability Denials

Long Term Disability DenialWhat is long term disability insurance? It’s a means of financial support for the insured person when illness or injury prevents them from being able to work for an extended period of time. It should be a simple process, but for many it’s not. Long term disability denials are frustrating and may leave you feeling like you have no options to provide for yourself and your family. But a denial is not the end of the battle.

Long term disability insurance is not just for on-the-job injuries. In fact, more than 95 percent of long term disability claims are for non-work related injuries or illnesses. Chronic or long term illnesses, including cancer, degenerative diseases and mental illness, may all fall under the coverage of your long term disability policy.

If your claim has been denied or you aren’t sure whether you are eligible for benefits, a long term disability denial lawyer at the the Law Offices Of M. Stanley Whitehead can help you determine what steps to take to get the funds you are entitled to.

If Your Coverage Has Been Denied …

For many people who have faithfully paid their insurance premium year after year, receiving a long term disability denial is overwhelming. Unfortunately, insurance companies will often find any possible legal or technical reason to deny a valid claim or pay less than the amount you should receive.

Insurance bad faith is the term for when an insurer does not live up to its contract with you, such as unreasonable denial or delay of a claim or termination of a policy; misclassifying injuries to deny claims; and concealing benefits from policyholders. Other tactics often used include using complicated forms with poorly defined terminology; long delays in the review process; and unreasonable documentation requests.

Receiving a denial for your claim is NOT the end. Your claim can be appealed and won with the help of an experience long term disability denials attorney in Houston. In many cases, having a knowledgeable disability denial attorney from the beginning of a claim will prevent or minimize the above tactics. In the event of a denial, it’s even more important.

When you have been diagnosed with chronic illness or disabling injury, worrying about how to pay the bills and take care of your family should not be a concern. The Houston disability denials attorneys at the Law Offices Of M. Stanley Whitehead, are here to take on that burden for you. Call us today to learn your rights and get the help you need to appeal your disability denial.

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"I would highly recommend this firm to everyone, Wonderful firm, they took my case , when I was told by a few firms in Ohio that I did not have a case, Marc Whitehead and Associates settled the case in a timely fashion"  Delecia via
"I want to thank the office of Marc Whitehead and especially Jaime Almaguer who was my caseworker. I had begun the disability process myself until I heard about this lawyers' office in Texas. Seemed strange working with folks across the country that I would never meet. Nevertheless, they were able to get my disability first time around. I felt comfortable discussing my issues privately with them and being able to let Jaime do the work. He was responsive, caring and very professional. Thank you all so much, this has changed my life."  Lynne via

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