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Do I Qualify for Lupus Social Security Disability Benefits?

Lupus Social Security Disability BenefitsMay is Lupus Awareness Month, thanks to the Lupus Foundation of America. This chronic autoimmune disease can cause a variety of symptoms, from fatigue to abnormal blood clotting and ulcers. These symptoms range in severity, and the progression of the disease depends on the person.

Depending on the severity and aggressiveness of the disease, some people with lupus are unable to work. These people suffer symptoms regularly that negatively affect their ability to do simple tasks other healthy people are able to do. With the help of a disability attorney, individuals whose ability to work is hindered may qualify for lupus Social Security Disability benefits (SSD).

Requirements to Qualify for Benefits

Part of the way the Social Security Administration (SSA) determines eligibility for benefits is their Blue Book. This resource lists disabling conditions that may qualify an individual for benefits. Lupus is included in the “Immune System Disorders” category of the Blue Book; however, simply having lupus is not enough to qualify. In order to qualify for SSD benefits, a person with lupus must:

  • Have at least two organs or body functions affected by the disease; and,
  • Experience other signs and symptoms consistently.

Generally, if an individual’s lupus symptoms prevent them from performing daily tasks or living activities, they stand a good chance at receiving benefits for their disability. Evidence is required to support a claim which can be provided or compiled by a doctor. If you believe your lupus symptoms meet the Blue Book requirements for SSD benefits, talk to your doctor or an experienced attorney.

When Claims are Denied

Not everyone who files for SSD benefits with confidence receives the benefits they deserve. For some reason or another, the SSA may reject an individual’s claim. But if your lupus disability claim is denied, this does not mean you do not qualify for benefits.

Just like any organization, the SSA can make mistakes. Or, in some cases, the applicant simply did not include enough evidence or the correct information to get the claim approved. People suffering from lupus who are unable to work or have difficulty completing daily life tasks should not give up because of a first-time denial on their claim.

However, it is important to consult an attorney when fighting a social security disability benefits case. A knowledgeable attorney with experience in Social Security disability denials will review your claim with you, making sure all necessary information and evidence is included and helps you to support your claim. Many eligible sufferers of lupus go on to receive benefits after a denial with the help of an attorney.

Lupus Social Security Disability Benefits Attorney in Houston, TX

If you are unable to work due to a debilitating disease such as lupus and have been denied benefits, an attorney can help. M. Stanley Whitehead has more than two decades of experience in disability denials and focuses on getting her clients the Social Security disability aid they deserve. Call The Law Offices Of M. Stanley Whitehead today at 713-993-7311 to schedule a consultation.

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