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Social Security Disability Denials

Was Your Social Security Disability Claim Denied?

Social Security Disability DenialSocial Security disability benefits are intended for qualified people who are unable to work due to a disabling condition. For many whose disabilities render them unable to work, disability benefits are a necessary lifeline to providing for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, about 60% of all claims are initially denied. When this happens, you need an experienced Social Security disability denials attorney on your side to give your claim the best chance at being approved on appeal.

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The Houston disability denial attorneys at the Law Offices Of M. Stanley Whitehead, have worked with extensively with Social Security claims. If you’ve been denied benefits, or if you are having a difficult time in filing the initial claim, we can help.

How We Can Help With Your Disability Claim

Every case, and everyone’s circumstances, are different. However, there are some key elements to winning a disability claim that apply in most every case. An accurately prepared application, as well as a detailed medical documentation of your disabling condition, is the foundation for winning any Social Security disability claim.

Establishing the validity of your Social Security disability claim can be a confusing and time consuming process. The SSA forms may not be complete, may be misleading, or may have wording that isn’t easy for you to understand. Our Houston Social Security disability attorneys have valuable experience with this documentation and will help you make sure that it is completed accurately and thoroughly in accordance with SSA guidelines.

An equally vital part of your application and/or appeal is having a medical professional thoroughly involved in your case. A doctor who is involved in your medical care, who is supportive and attentive in your case for SSDI benefits, can be a key part of winning your claim. The Houston disability attorneys at the Law Offices Of M. Stanley Whitehead, can help you work with your doctor to give those reviewing your SSDI claim the best picture possible of your condition and how it qualifies you for benefits.

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Applying for disability benefits can be a lonely, scary process. But you don’t have to go through it alone. Whether you are just starting the process of filing a claim or have been denied and need to file an appeal, the Law Offices Of M. Stanley Whitehead can help. Call our experienced Houston Social Security disability denial attorneys today for a free consultation and to learn what your legal options are.

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"I would highly recommend this firm to everyone, Wonderful firm, they took my case , when I was told by a few firms in Ohio that I did not have a case, Marc Whitehead and Associates settled the case in a timely fashion"  Delecia via
"I want to thank the office of Marc Whitehead and especially Jaime Almaguer who was my caseworker. I had begun the disability process myself until I heard about this lawyers' office in Texas. Seemed strange working with folks across the country that I would never meet. Nevertheless, they were able to get my disability first time around. I felt comfortable discussing my issues privately with them and being able to let Jaime do the work. He was responsive, caring and very professional. Thank you all so much, this has changed my life."  Lynne via

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