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What To Do If You Are Applying for Social Security Disability But Can’t Afford Treatment

When applying for Social Security disability benefits, medical evidence is vital to the success of your case. Documentation of your condition by a qualified medical professional, as well Paul Hornung Authentic Jersey as following medical Paul Hornung Jersey treatments recommended for your condition, is going to be necessary to get an approval for your claim. If the SSA sees evidence that you haven’t sought treatment or have not followed prescribed treatments, then your claim will likely be denied.

However, if you’re disabled and unable to work, the odds are good that you are already strapped financially, and paying for medical treatment may be out of reach.

So, what do you do?

Document Your Case

A common argument to fight a denial based on refusing treatment is that the claimant can’t afford it, but just saying you can’t afford it will not be enough to reverse a denial.

Documentation is everything in SSDI applications and appeals. Keep detailed records of your finances, including your regular daily living expenses and ALL medical treatment expenses.

It’s also vital to your case that you show every effort has been made to find subsidized and/or free treatment options through resources that may be available to you through local and state programs, charitable groups, and any others you can find. Document every lead you explore, noting the days and times, as well as the names and contact information of anyone you spoke with.

The best place to start is Paul Hornung Kids Jersey to look at local and state options for free or reduced cost medical care. Check with your local Medicaid office about options that may be available to you, as well as looking into any private low-cost clinics in your area.

Will a Social Security Disability Consultative Medical Exam Help?

If your claim lacks medical evidence, the Social Security Administration may require you to have a consultative medical exam. These exams are conducted by doctors who are contracted to work with the SSA to collect relevant medical records in disability cases.

While this may be helpful to your case, this type of exam doesn’t always work in the claimant’s favor. This exam is not intended to provide treatment, just updated medical evidence. The doctor performing the exam will have limited information of your medical history and may not be able to fully grasp the severity of your condition during one brief consultation.

For these reasons, we highly recommend exploring all options for free Paul Hornung Womens Jersey or reduced cost medical treatment before applying for disability benefits. When seeking a doctor, explain that you will be applying for Social Security disability. Ask your doctor about a diagnosis, as well as your long-term prognosis and his or her official opinion on your ability Paul Hornung Youth Jersey to work.

Get Help from a Houston Social Security Lawyer

If you’ve been denied SSDI benefits based on lack of medical evidence, a Social Security lawyer in Houston can help. Contact The Law Offices Of M. Stanley Whitehead today at (713) 993-7311.

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